Swedish English - Going Out

Learn Swedish with phrases about going out on the town to a movie or music show.

Where is a good place to go at night?
Var går man för en trevlig kväll?

Is that area safe?
Är det en ofarlig del av stan?

Where can we see live music?
Var kan vi gå och höra pa ett band?

Can you recommend a good club?
Kan du rekomendera en bra Club?

How late does it stay open?
Hur dags stänger de?

Is there a cover charge?
Begär de inträde?

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Do they serve food?
Serverar de man?

Can I have a drink?
Jag skulle vilja ha en Drink.

Do you want to dance?
Vill du dansa?

How should we dress?
Hur ska vi klä oss?

What movies are playing?
Vilka filmer visas?

We want to see a play.
Vi vill se en pjäs pa teatern.

How much are tickets?
Vad kostar biljetterna?

Where can we get a taxi?
Var kan jag hitta en taxi?

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