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Travel Phrase is a joint venture between Language Learning Games and Ascendo Inc.

We are interested in working with partners in the following ways.

Translators - If you make a page that we can post to Travel Phrase, we will display an ad for your services 10,000 times (10,000 page views). A page must including between 30 to 40 phrases. Click here to download a description and format.

We are open to languages and topics that do not yet appear on TravelPhrase.com or extensive improvements to existing pages. Examples of pages that we would like to add or improve:

  • Spanish: At the Airport, On the Beach, Slang, Useful Expressions
  • Italian: Flirting, Love, Slang, At the Museum
  • French: At the Train Station, Flirting, Love, Slang, At the Cafe
  • German: At Work, At School, At the Beer Garden, Slang
  • Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Chinese: Open to your suggestions.

Contact: info[AT]ascendo-inc.com. Replace [AT] with "@". 

Link Exchanges - If you have a site with content, products or services for people interested in learning languages we propose to display a link to your site in return for a link to our site. Your link will displayed on the following page: http://www.travelphrase.com/partners.html. If you are interested, please post the description or our site and link found below to your site. After it is posted, please email us a description of 10 to 30 words and provide a link for your page.

TravelPhrase.com (http://www.travelphrase.com) - Useful phrases for making the most of your travels organized into 20 categories such as conversation, transportation, shopping, making friends, etc. Translations from English to Spanish, German, French, Italian and Swedish.

Contact: barbro[AT]languagelearninggame.com. Replace [AT] with "@". 

The following sites have quality content related to Travel Phrase.  If you are interested in exchanging links, please write to barbrobolh[@]comcast.net  
LangToLang - One of the best dictionary sites around.  From Language to Language provides multilingual dictionaries for eighteen languages!
Don Quijote - This site has Spanish Jokes, a verb conjugator and Spanish games.
SmartPhrase.com - Online phrasebook with translations into seven languages.
Foreign Language Phrases - Learn concise, effective foreign language phrases for travel, basic conversation and everyday use.
Learn to Speak French with Rocket French - Increase your confidence and fluency with French, while getting satisfying results FAST. Learn to speak French with Rocket French, the downloadable learning package!
Germanic Resources, University of Wisconsin - An excellent resource guide to German Language learning on the Internet.
Colonel Craig's WWW Links for German - An extensive list of German Literature, Music and Language Learning.
EL Eason's Languages Online - A complete set of Grammar, Quizzes, Test and Vocabulary Lessons for German.
Jim Becker's Super German Links - An exhaustive set of resources for German Grammar, German Lessons, German Newspapers, etc.
Adios Travel - Lean Spanish in Central and South America.
WLS International - Study Spanish in Malaga Spain & Volunteer in China.
Spanish Course in Santander, Spanish School in Spain.
Spanish Course in Valladolid, Spanish School in Spain.
FU International Academy Tenerife - Intensive Spanish language courses on Tenerife.
German Language at About.com - Includes many online lessons and a german word of the day. 






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