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Days and Weather

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 Today is...

Oggi è...

 What day is it?

Che giorno è oggi?

 What is the weather today?

Che tempo fa oggi?

 Monday, it is bad weather.

Lunedi fa cattivo tempo. 

 Tuesday it is good weather.

Martedi fa bel tempo.

 Wednesday it is hot.

Mercoledi fa caldo.

 Thursday, it is cold.

Giovedi fa freddo.

 Friday it is cool.

Venerdi fa fresco.

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 Saturday it is raining.

Sabato piove.

 Sunday it snows

Domenica nevica.

 This month it is windy.

Questo mese tira vento.

 It is drizzling.


 What is today‘s date?

Qual è la data di oggi? 

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